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the Jungle in film

Temporary Exhibition // Berlin, DE // 2010

The exhibition documents the different interpretation of the jungle in the history of film and is designed specifically for children. Our exhibition design is based on two qualities of the atmosphere of the jungle: the presence of trees and the changes of density and variety of flora and fauna. Our starting point was the synthesis of virtual and haptic presence of these elements in the exhibition itself. Vertically arrayed forest thinnings are arranged in varying densities in the space, creating a path through the exhibition and a partial visual barrier. Gauze is suspended from the ceiling, which are used as a projection screens for atmospheric images evoking the varied light falling into the jungle through the tree canopy.

The arrangement is adjusted to express the four themes of the exhibition and at the same time offers a consistent language within which the different exhibition elements are integrated: visual displays, images, objects, showcases etc. can be fixed on them, seating and perches. Visitors experience a variety of impressions along curving paths, narrow alleys, thresholds, clearings, and small gaps in the structure of the logs that serve as hiding places for the children created by the arrangement of trunks.


Client: Deutsche Kinemathek, Berlin // Services: Preliminary design for the exhibition architecture // Area: 150 m² // Budget: 30.500 €