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SJF solar parking

Photovoltaic roofing of the parking of a shoppingcenter // St Jean du Falga, FR // Operating since March 2012​

Kapok was commissioned by Meridian Neue Energien GmbH to study 15 car park sites across France to assess the feasibility of PV-Solar installations. One of the first implemented projects is that at Saint Jean du Falga near Ariège. The supermarket site with 0,6 Ha of parking for 350 cars is situated at the edge of the town.

12 Solar shades cover the supermarket parking. The W-frame structure, developed by Kapok exclusively for Meridian GmbH covers the majority of the parking spaces. The site is currently generating a peak production of 664,2 kWh, which is fed into the national electricity grid.

The substructure is fabricated out of steel U-profiles, partially prefabricated and mounted on site in finely timed phases, while the rest of the car park remains in operation. The entire substructure was erected within 3 weeks.

Fixed on a system of aluminium rails, the panels are mounted and sealed from above, while the cabling is incorporated into integrated channels from below.

In covering the expanse of asphalt in between the supermarket and the surroundings, the Solar shades mediate the scale between the grain of the context and the large shed.

Client: SAS Meridian Solaire III // Collaborators: C&E Ingénierie (Structural Ingeneer), Meridian Neue Energien GmbH (Electrical engineering) // Surface: 0,62 ha // Power: 662 KW // Services: Full design services and project management