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NHE solar parking

Photovoltaic roofing of the University Hospital parking // Clermont-Ferrand, FR // Operating since March 2012

The project for a PV installation covering the parking at the NHE in Clermont Ferrand was subject of a national competitive tender in 2009, which was won by Meridian Neue Energien GmbH proposing the Solar Shade system which Kapok has developed. Situated between railway tracks and the new hospital complex, the parking was previously the site of a Michelin factory. The 900 covered places produce 1.4 MWh at peak capacity, fed into the national electricity grid.


Client: SAS Meridian Solaire III // Collaborators: C&E Ingénierie (Structural Ingeneer), Meridian Neue Energien GmbH (Electrical engineering) //Surface: 2,5 ha // Power: 1,4 MW // Services: Full design services and project management