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"let's build a bench!"

Workshop with primary school children // Regenbogenschule, Neukölln, Berlin, DE // 2011

After the success of the “Let’s build a Table” workshop the previous year, the neighborhood management for the Rollberg Quarter in Berlin-Neukölln invited our team to develop a further participative project with children at the Regenbogen primary school.This time we focussed on the subject of informal encounter and playground furniture, and built the first prototype for a modular, self-build seating element which can adapt to different functions and spaces, inspired by the raised platform-type of seating areas typically seen in Turkey.During the week long workshop, the children made 9 modules which we tested out in the schools central atrium and the school playground spaces.

Around the theme of meeting, we explored pupils and teachers how the modules could be put together in different forms to create different forms of social encounter – an enclosed island with a table in the middle, a long snaking bench, back-to back….etc.

Commissioner: Quartiersmanagement Rollbergviertel, Berlin // Collaboration: Susanne Heiss, ifau; Children from the Regenbogenschule, Neukölln Berlin; Norbert Weiser (teacher at the Regenbogenschule) // Services: Conception, finance acquisition and execution of participative workshop Design and prototyping.