New Berlin Property Policy –
Developing instruments and stakeholders

The working group on sustainable urban development in the educational work of the Heinrich Böll Foundation organized a workshop on:

13.11.2013 , 14.00-16:30
Location: notification after registration
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The number of participants is limited

The debate about the realignment of the Berlin property policy is not over. It is still unclear whether a consistent tack will be completed and what the objectives of the Berlin Regional Government with respect to property policy are.

According to reports, the Senate departments of Finance and Urban Development have been struggling behind closed doors to agree a new property policy, called the “Transparent property policy”, the content of which has been made known only in broad terms.

Meanwhile, a list of demands has been formulated through a public dialogue by the Round Table for the Realignment of the Berlin Property Policy, which includes various instruments of a new real estate policy. With the participation of representatives of all factions, these have presented to the House of Representative and sparked widespread media coverage.

Together with members of the Round Table will be presented for discussion and further elaborated in the expert discussion, the concept of process instruments, leasehold and advice.


14:00 Outcomes from the work of the Round Table

14:15 Formation of working groups
Concept, impulse Initiativ Stadtneudenken
Leasehold, impulse by Daniela Brahm
Space Council, impulse by Andreas Krüger
15:30 Presentation of the results of the working groups

16:00 Closung Debate
For the list of demands of the Round Table and the media, editors may be downloaded at: % 20Tisch

Organizer: Education department of the Heinrich Böll Foundation (BIW)
Coordination: Florian Schmidt
Partners: Round table for property policy, Initiativ StadtneudenkenNeue Berliner Liegenschaftspolitik –
Instrumente und Akteure entwickeln

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