Winery, La Roque/Cèze
Feasibility Study for a winery and private house // La Roque-sur-Cèze FR // 2009-2010
  • The village and the winery
    This winery and private country house in the Gard region of France takes its inspiration from the rigorous structure of the vineyards around the site. The house is positioned at a hinge point in the flat landscape, where differently orientated parallel lines of grapevines come together. These different geometries, a subtle articulation of the topography, are picked up in the angles of the buildings, embedding the horizontal architecture in the landscape and minimising its visual impact.
  • The site in context
  • Analytical studies of the site
  • Sketch design
    The long, low, horizontal buildings become part of the panorama of the visually layered landscape and create intimate exterior spaces that provide shelter from the sun and the Mistral winds in the Cèze valley. The clustered buildings recall the vernacular “Maas ensembles” of the region, and are clad in giant blocks of locally quarried stone.
  • Sections through the proposed buildings
    The design centres on a working courtyard, from which different wings run out into the surrounding fields. From the courtyard, one accesses the semi-underground cellars, as well as the administrative and domestic spaces above. Both exterior spaces and major interior rooms are designed for flexible appropriation, by occasion as part of the commercial winery, or as part of the domestic realm of the vintner’s family.
  • Sketch perspectives

Client: Private // Services: Preliminary design // Area: 1.250 m² // Budget: 1.5 m €