TCF Solar-Parking
Photovoltaic roofing factory parking // Clermont-Ferrand, FR // Operating since March 2012
  • Parking before construction
    Kapok was commissioned by Meridian Neue Energien GmbH to study 15 car park sites across France to assess the feasibility of PV-Solar installations. One of the implemented projects is that at the Trelleborg factory at Clermond-Ferrand. The parking is next to a motorway and, as the E-W orientation of the parking spaces was not optimal, the project involved redesigning the parking as well as the Solar shades themselves. In doing so, we managed to deliver the site owner 50 extra spaces as well as the shading of the cars. The 1.2 Ha parking site is currently generating a peak production of 1.25 MWh, which is fed into the national electricity grid.
  • View of the factory and solar shades from the motorway
  • Foundations and fixing plates
  • Ducting for bundled wiring going to the sub-station
  • Erection of the sub-structure
    The W-frames are prefabricated from painted steel U-profiles and covered with a galvanised steel roof structure, based on a 7.80m structural grid. The gutter height of the shades is 2.3m high, the peak at 5.4 m.
  • Erection of the sub-structure
  • A Solar Shade before panel montage
  • The completed Solar Shades as seen from the entrance
  • View showing the underside
  • The Solar Shades are each 160 m long.

Client: SAS Meridian Solaire III // Collaborators: C&E Ingénierie (Structural engineering), Meridian Neue Energien GmbH (Electrical engineering) // Surface: 1,25 ha // Power: 1,2 MW // Services: Full design services and project management