Markt Erlbach
Urban and Public Realm Design for main street and square// Markt Erlbach, DE // Competition December 2011
  • A new centre for Markt Erlbach
    Our proposal for the new main street through the small town of Markt Erlbach near Nürnberg proposes a road concept that combines the benefits of “shared space”, with those of a zoned profile.
  • Strategy plan for the main street and surroundings
    A standard road profile with simple low kerbs and a parking strip is punctuated at 7 crossing points along the street with “decision islands”, raised table areas with a non-directional paving pattern and shared territory. At these Islands, trees light-poles and granite-block seating define safe pedestrian zones, create convivial places to sit and incorporate signage and information about the hidden places and the historical sights of the village, to attract visitors to explore side-streets.
    The junctions along the main street become moments of encounter and exploration, and also automatically regulates traffic speed while prioritising pedestrian use. The simple, legible profile between crossings establishes clear territories for vehicular movement, parking and pedestrians, regulating the parking of cars.
  • Plan and Sketch of West gateway
  • Plan of the new market place
    In the central Market Square, a multi-functional pergola-like frame is proposed, which incorporates public artworks, children’s play features and a water feature, as well as creating shelter for bus-stops, restaurant seating and regular market uses.
  • Section through the new market place
  • Perspective looking East towards the market place
  • Plan and sketch of East gateway

Client: City of Markt Erlbach // Area: 1,7 ha // Budget: 1 m €