“Let’s build a bench!”
Workshop with primary school children // Regenbogenschule, Neukölln, Berlin, DE // 2011
  • A flexible, social furniture module
    After the success of the "Let's build a Table" workshop the previous year, the neighborhood management for the Rollberg Quarter in Berlin-Neukölln invited our team to develop a further participative project with children at the Regenbogen primary school.This time we focussed on the subject of informal encounter and playground furniture, and built the first prototype for a modular, self-build seating element which can adapt to different functions and spaces, inspired by the raised platform-type of seating areas typically seen in Turkey.During the week long workshop, the children made 9 modules which we tested out in the schools central atrium and the school playground spaces.
  • Combinations
    Around the theme of meeting, we explored pupils and teachers how the modules could be put together in different forms to create different forms of social encounter - an enclosed island with a table in the middle, a long snaking bench, back-to back….etc.
  • Execution drawings for the module
  • The children building the modules together
  • Playing with the finished furniture
  • Our team of young carpenters

Commissioner: Quartiersmanagement Rollbergviertel, Berlin // Collaboration: Susanne Heiss, ifau; Children from the Regenbogenschule, Neukölln Berlin; Norbert Weiser (teacher at the Regenbogenschule) // Services: Conception, finance acquisition and execution of participative workshop about furniture and spatial appropriation in the school. Design and prototyping of a flexible, self-build furniture module for use in collective spaces.