“Das Neue Brandenburg”
Touring Exhibition // Brandenburg, DE // June 2007
  • The New Brandenburg
    Das Neue Brandenburg (The New Brandenburg) is a travelling exhibition documenting strategies of urban and regional regeneration and of contemporary architecture in the region. The exhibition is conceived as a modular system of robust, structurally self-supporting furniture, simple to demount and move. In addition, the modules of the exhibition establish a strong spatial presence in whichever context they are installed. The underlying narrative of the content, a matrix of regionally relevant themes is each elaborated manifested conceptually and in individual projects.
  • The exhibition modules
    The modules are self-similar elements, an L-shaped component, placed horizontally or vertically, connected to create structurally integral clusters of 2 or 3 elements, mirroring the intersection of themes and projects, thereby aiding legibility and orientation for the viewer. They create polyvalent thematic places, from a distance seen as billboards or markers of different aspects of each theme, and close-up as work-tables with a dense presentation of projects, which encourage the visitor to linger, lean on or sit next to in order to investigate more deeply. Each visible face is given a different thematic and graphical treatment and each module can be walked around on all sides. The themes and their representative projects unfold and reveal themselves gradually as the visitor approaches and explores each cluster.

Client: Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur, Brandenburg // Collaborators: blotto design (Preliminary concept and graphic design) // Services: Detailed design, and execution drawings for exhibition architecture // Budget: 40 000,00 € // Photography: © blotto design